Accessories That Make Any Man More Attractive

Sometimes all it takes for an outfit to stand out is the perfect accessory. Here’s how you can adapt them to your everyday style.

I’ve always thought that my dad has a lot of styles when it comes to his fashion choices but what it’s true is that he has been rocking the same look for more than fifteen years. He always wears basically the same, a fitted shirt, tube pants or jeans, cool shoes, and his staple piece, a nice hat either matching or contrasting with the colors he’s wearing.

The thing is that no matter if he’s been wearing the same clothes for the past decade, he’s always complimented on the street for his modern yet classy look, and although his clothes are really nice, I think that what rounds his outfits together are definitely his hats. Since he took the decision of making hats his statement pieces, he’s gotten about fifteen different ones but it’s not that he buys whatever random hat out there, he actually invests in having really good quality ones that actually make him look so dapper and sleek.

I strongly believe that accessories can make a big difference and that although for men’s fashion, there aren’t too many options to play with, there are basic pieces that can make anyone, no matter their style look way more attractive and interesting than just wearing nice clothes. If you’re a newbie when it comes to how to combine accessories with your everyday outfits, take a look at these options and upgrade your style.


basic men accessories 1

Here I’m not talking about the classic hats only (though they can make an outfit look quite dashing), but the wide variety of headwear available like caps, beanies, berets, fedoras, you get the idea. The main idea with accessories, in general, is to decide if you want them as statement pieces or complementary ones. Once you’ve figured that out you can start building your outfit under that scheme. When it comes to hats, if they are too visible or big, the best is to make them the center of attention of the outfit by combining them with neutrals and standard clothes for a subtle look.


basic men accessories 2

This is probably what becomes quite conflicting for many out there and that’s the stigma of jewelry being exclusive to women. Today that’s not even a matter of discussion, there are no rules nor exclusiveness (I actually buy some jewelry from both sections) as long as it goes with your personal style and taste. As you can see in the photos, the most common jewels are bracelets and necklaces. If you don’t feel that sure on how to start, probably the best way is little by little by going for monochromatic pieces that combine together. Once you’ve become more comfortable you can start playing with contrasts and materials.


basic men accessories 3

We have what’s perhaps the oldest accessory on our list (well, certain hats were probably prior) and one that for many it’s a basic piece of their look. Watches come in all shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, so there’s basically a perfect one that matches your likes perfectly (or many to be honest). But besides the obvious purpose of watches of telling time, today, they’re more of a fashion statement that can be used to combine perfectly with your outfit.

Statement socks

basic men accessories 4

In the past years, colorful and fun socks have become so trendy so there are literally thousands of options you can go for. From cool vibrant patterns to even illustration and designs, these can really give a fun and modern vibe even to formal looks. The look I like the most is the one that makes of socks the statement piece of the outfit by getting one really contrasting design with subtle and neutral colors. Combine them with your belt or even a handkerchief for a more matchy style or play with colors for a more bold look.


basic men accessories 5

By scarves, I don’t only mean those we all wear in winter, but actually those nice and dashing designs available nowadays. You can go for pashminas, bandanas, bow ties, or even cravats for a more dapper look. When combined nicely with basic pieces or neutral colors, they can become amazing statement pieces that will upgrade any look.


basic men accessories 6

In today’s world one bags have become a necessity especially when pants have become tighter and the bags accompanying them smaller. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear whatever random backpack or bag to fulfill that need. A nice leathery bag of a neutral color can become your everyday accessory that matches any look you have in mind without having to spend in having one for each style. Personally, I love those vintage (or the ones inspired by them) bags that bring an interesting and classic vibe.


basic men accessories 7

Perhaps the accessory that can bring a cool and effortless vibe to any look (even formal ones) are definitely sunglasses. When they match perfectly your face shape and style they can make you look so sleek and trendy like no other accessory out there. The trick for me is trying to get a pair of a good quality so that they make your outfit look more expensive and not the opposite way.

It’s true that when it comes to accessories, men have fewer options that women would, but as I mentioned before that doesn’t mean you can just stick to what the male section has, nor that you can’t experiment with new trends just because it’s not that fashionable. Besides that, there are so many classic accessories that, when combined with new and modern pieces, can look so fashionable today. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of adding embellishments to your everyday looks and knowing how to combine them to match your own personal style.

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