Do’s and Don’ts For Guys Who Stylish Beards

Find out what to do and what not do while working on your beard game.

So, you’re getting ready for that date you’re really excited about. You’re feeling a little nervous about going out with this person because you know you have to look James Bond sharp (even though you won’t be wearing a tux). First, you check your clothes. You’ve managed to put together a casual yet classy outfit that will give the perfect first impression. Also, you go for shoes rather than sneakers because it’s the first date. Now, hair and beard.

The hair issue can be dealt with in less than a minute, but the beard? Oh, the beard. Should it be trimmed or not? How to fix it so that it looks natural but not overdone? Will they like it? Or will they think you look like a viking? There are so many options out there right now that it’s hard to settle on one style. And to think that, in a moment of desperation, you might end up shaving the whole thing off after months of growing and grooming it.

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If you’re looking for the ideal style for your beard, you’ve come to the right place. Many men think that trimming it every once in a while is enough, but there’s so much more to having that beard you only see on barbershop posters and social media. There are many ways to have a pretty decent beard, but are you really taking care of your it? Here are some do’s and don’ts that might help:


Use oil on a daily basis

The secret to a smooth beard is constant conditioning. It helps control the frizz that might make it look untidy or even dirty. Use a beard oil or balm, preferably one with natural ingredients. Even if this is the only thing you do to your beard, it will make a big difference. Whether you keep it long or short, oiling your beard is very useful.

Brush it daily

If you want a healthy, strong, and shiny beard, it’s important to brush it every day. The ideal option is to do so with a beard brush, and if it’s made with boar bristle, even better. A beard brush will remove any remaining oils, hair, or other beard products, which is very important to keep it clean.

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Trim it regularly

This doesn’t mean you have to keep it short. No matter how long your beard is, it’s very important to trim it on a regular basis. You should do it to maintain the style and shape of your beard, but also to remove unwanted hairs that may be growing in random directions. This is completely normal, by the way. Those little rebels do what they want.

Keep it away from food

Even though this is pretty obvious, once you’re taking a bite of that glorious hotdog, this rule goes out the window. When your beard is still short, it’s pretty easy to take care of this problem, but as your beard grows, you can (and will) get food on it. It’s not that you have to eat like a little kid, but remember to clean your beard if you’re eating something messy. Crumbs and sauce, for instance, can make your beard look unhealthy and unkempt.

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Play with your beard

It’s a lot fun when it starts getting long, but playing with and pulling your beard might result in a real tragedy: bald spots. Since your fingers tend to play in the same spot throughout the day, you beard will start to resent this constant picking. Visible bald spots will start appearing, and your beard will look as patchy as a teenager’s. Avoid doing this as much as you can.

Trim your neckline too high

This is one of the worst and most common habits. In order to get the ideal neckline, always trim it an inch above your Adam’s apple, that is, the point where your neck meets your head. If you trim it above this point, your face might look oddly detached from your neck. Also, try not to get too creative with this zone because, if your experiment fails, you might end up looking really weird.

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Dye your beard

There comes a time when you start getting gray hairs. That’s life. Some men chose to shave all facial hair because they think gray hair will make them look older. Others embrace their new look and work a “silver fox” style that actually looks pretty good. If you’re thinking about dyeing your beard, really think about it. It takes a lot of maintenance, and it probably won’t resemble your natural hair color. To do so, you would have to go to a barbershop almost once a day.

Avoid extreme makeovers

Think carefully before doing something with your beard. A little trim is different from shaving it all off. I’ve heard so many men complaining about a having trimming accident when they were drunk or angry about something. If you’re thinking about switching up your look and saying goodbye to your beard, don’t make any rash decisions. Once it’s gone, it will take some time before it grows back again.

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These are just some basic tips to keep in mind, if you want to have a stylish beard. None of them are too complicated or expensive. They’re just simple recommendations that will improve the way your beard looks.

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