7 Menswear Fashion Myths That Are Completely Wrong

Nowadays, fashion is all about being bold and audacious. Forget about all those outdated myths and rules you were taught.

Until recently I had the perception that women’s fashion evolved faster than men’s. For many years everything I saw on fashion magazines or websites was focused on women. I mean, it’s not that this has changed at all, and if you take a look at these, still 80% of the publications focus on women. However, we must accept that men’s fashion, perhaps in a subtler way, has made some important leaps as well. Now it is more fun, bold, and edgy. Whenever I go to a store I’m surprised at how different the clothes and trends are compared to the type of clothes they used to sell for the past, let’s say, 10 years.

Still, I know it can be intimidating to adapt to those new trends because we all believe these clothes break rules of fashion. But you know what? It’s time to give them a shot and become more audacious when it comes to fashion. After all, clothes can be a good reflection of our personality, and being trendy and fashionable can say a lot of things about ourselves. So, if you want to take the next step, first you must forget about the following myths and rules you were taught and venture into new ways of upgrading your style.

Black and brown is a no-no combination”

mens fashion myths 1

This has been one of the golden rules in fashion not only for men. Somehow it was thought that mixing these colors was like offending someone the worst way you could imagine. Why? I’ll never understand it, to be honest. I never thought these colors were opposite, but just in case, it was safe not to combine them. The “logic” behind the rule was that both are strong solid colors that should work as foundation hues. That same rule was also applied to black and navy blue for the same reasons. However, fashion has proven that this is just an outdated rule, since there are many interesting combinations to play with. The advice is: just go for it. You won’t regret it!

“Belt and shoes must be of the same color”

mens fashion myths 2

Yes, this is as much of a myth as the one before. Now, while it’s true that when both accessories match they balance your outfit, fashion nowadays couldn’t care less for matchy looks. Just as with the previous myth, be consistent with your color combinations and play with contrasts. You can wear a belt and shoes of different tonalities, as long as you’re creating a consistent color scheme. If you’re not so sure about this because the rule is somehow ingrained in your mind, you can start by mixing hues of the same color (brown, blue, and black tones). Actually, you could even just miss the belt, you know? That rule that you should always wear a belt is also outdated, so it really doesn’t matter the combination.

“Stick to the essential accessories”

mens fashion myths 3

Somehow both for men and women the idea of wearing more than the essential amount of accessories is seen as cheap or not very sophisticated. I do think that more than a rule, it should be related to each one’s personality and style. There are many ways you can use more accessories than the usual and still look sophisticated and fashionable. Again, it’s just a matter of knowing how to combine them and create an interesting balance between the clothes and accessories. Now, one of the trends in menswear is actually pushing all the boundaries so, you can basically do whatever you want and you’re probably going to look edgy and fashionable.

“Your socks must match your pants”

mens fashion myths 4

Ehem, hello Justin Trudeau. For the past months, the internet has gone crazy over the Canadian leader’s fashion statements with socks. Although he’s just following a very strong trend, there’s no doubt that going against the rule stating that socks should always match the color of the pants is Trudeau’s fashion statement. So, the new trend goes the other way around by showing very colorful and fun socks, a trend I think everybody should follow.

“Ties are key for formal outfits”

mens fashion myths 5

Well, for the past years this rule has lost some devoted followers. Still, there are many who think that ties –or the past hipster sensation, bow ties– are essential for formal looks, especially for important events like weddings, or anything of the sort. Now, they look great and can help you add something interesting to your overall look. However, it’s not a rule you have to follow if you don’t want to. You can look quite formal without having to wear one of these accessories.

“Absolutely no floral patterns”

mens fashion myths 6

Just as the past rule, lately we’ve seen how many have debunked this extremely outdated (and kind of sexist, if you ask me) rule. However, if you look up on the internet for rules to follow in fashion, believe it or not, this one that still makes it to the top. The latest fashion runways have shown a wide variety of floral pieces for men that look amazing. Again, it’s not that you have to turn into a walking garden, but some flowers can bring life to your outfit, so you should definitely try it out.

“Don’t mix patterns”

mens fashion myths 7

This one can be the most difficult to debunk, and yet the most entertaining to do. Yes, I know it can be overwhelming and kind of intimidating, but you don’t have to go all crazy from the beginning. You can start by mixing two types of plaid, either in the density of the squares or in colors. The same goes with stripes, and so on. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop and you’ll acquire a sense of combination that can make your style, edgy, fun, and daring.

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